Growing Guide

Where to plant

Full sun/part shade. Well drained soil.

Sow depth


Space between seeds / seedlings


Row space


Size of pot needed (width / depth)


Seedling Sow Depth


Best practice

Directly sown

Germination (days)


Maturity (days)


How to Grow

From seed

Coriander needs darkness to germinate, so make sure you cover seeds with a fine layer of soil for best results.

Choose a spot with mostly full sun (when growing in winter, and part shade when growing in summer).

Enrich soil with Blood & Bone and Seaweed.

Sow seeds straight into ground 6mm deep and 20cm apart.

Water in well.

From seedling

Amend a full-sun garden bed with a 5cm layer of compost, working it into the top 10cm of the garden soil with a hoe.

Coriander can tolerate some light afternoon shade.

Dig planting holes using a trowel to a depth equal to that of the transplant container.

Leave 10cm between planting holes in the row, setting the rows 10cm apart.

In a pot

Coriander is easy to grow in a pot.

Choose a pot at least 200mm wide, position in a sunny spot.

Fill with potting mix, sow seed, water well.

Feed weekly with plant food.

Water regularly.

Snip leaves off as they grow to encourage more growth.

Check the moisture of the soil regularly if growing in a pot, especially terracotta as these dry out faster than other materials.

Insert your index finger into the soil to your first knuckle.

If the soil is moist, don't water, if it's dry, water well.

Ready to harvest

Snip leaves off as you please once to encourage more to grow back once the plant has formed (only take max 1/3 of the plant to not stress the plant out)

Collect seed

Wait until circular seeds have turned brown.

You can either harvest the stems containing seeds when green and hang in a brown paper bag, or leave on the plant to sun dry

When to Grow


Zone 1 - Cool

January , February , March , April , May , June , July , August , September , October , November , December


Zone 2 - Temperate

January , February , March , April , May , June , July , August , September , October , November , December


Zone 3 - Subtropical

January , February , March , April , May , June , July , August , September , October , November , December

Companion Planting

Tips for Care

Coriander can seem unreliable and difficult to grow.

This reputation comes from its bad habit of quickly rushing to flower and set seed (bolting).

Water regularly to try and stop this.
The easiest way to maintain a steady supply of coriander is to plant seeds every few weeks from September to the end of autumn.

(Take a break over winter and begin sowing again in Early Spring).

That way, if the coriander goes to seed, you'll have more fresh plants on the way.
Heat and long days will cause coriander to go to seed, so if you're growing them for leaves it's best to grow when conditions are milder.
Coriander loves being planted into a pot or the garden but dislikes being transplanted, so its much better to direct sow coriander seeds

Pests & Problems