Growing Guide

Where to plant

Full sun. Well drained soil.

Sow depth

6mm deep

Space between seeds / seedlings


Row space


Size of pot needed (width / depth)


Seedling Sow Depth


Best practice

Directly sown

Germination (days)


Maturity (days)


How to Grow

From seed

Fill start pots or trays with seed raising mix.

Sow seeds 6mm deep, cover, firm down and water well.

Keep the soil moist so the seeds don't dry out.

While the seedlings are growing, choose a sunny spot in the garden and prepare the planting area well by loosening the soil, and digging in plant food.

Once seedlings have emerged, feed with plant food.

Allow seedlings to grow to 3-4cm before transplanting.

From seedling

When transplanting into your garden, fertilize the garden with plant food, thin out weak plants, and ensure seedlings are well spaced (20-30cm depending on variety).

Mulch with organic mulch.

Feed weekly with plant food.

In a pot

Choose a pot at least 30cm wide and deep.

Position in full sun.

Follow seed-> seedling -> harvest guide.

Ready to harvest

Check when radishes start to 'crown' (show their head above the soil).

Radishes can be picked when they're quite small up to when they are a few centimetres across.

The earlier they are picked, the sweeter and more tender they are, so don't leave them in the ground for too long.

Collect seed

Leave the pods on the plants until they are brown and mostly dried.

Keep an eye on them if the weather is turning wet so they don’t mildew.

Once the pods are browning, you can pull the entire plant up and upend it in a brown bag.

Hang the bag with the plant seed dangling down into it and allow the seeds to mature naturally.

Once they are completely mature, the pods pop open and the seeds drop into the bag.

You can also allow seed pods to mature in a cool, dry area and then winnow or sift them to separate the seeds from the chaff.

Seeds will store for up to 5 years.

When to Grow


Zone 1 - Cool

January , February , March , April , September , October , November , December


Zone 2 - Temperate

January , February , March , April , May , August , September , October , November , December


Zone 3 - Subtropical

January , February , March , April , May , June , July , August , September , October , November , December

Companion Planting

Tips for Care

Make successive sowings every few weeks to extend the harvest window.
Radishes are great to sow with carrots.

Radish seeds germinate first, and help make the soil softer for carrots.

Radishes are quick growing, so you can start picking the radishes while you wait for the carrots to grow.
You can pick a few of the radish leaves for salads before the round red roots are ready.
Harvest while radishes are young for a sweeter taste.

Pests & Problems