Micro greens

Growing Guide

Where to plant

Full sun/part shade.

Sow depth


Space between seeds / seedlings


Row space


Size of pot needed (width / depth)


Seedling Sow Depth

Sow seeds directly.

Best practice

Directly sown

Germination (days)


Maturity (days)


How to Grow

From seed

Start with a warm, sunny windowsill (direct sunlight from a south-facing window is ideal) and a small, clean container.

Plastic take-out dishes and disposable pie plates work well, as do clear fruit or salad boxes.

If your chosen container doesn't have built-in drainage, poke a few drainage holes in the bottom.

Then, prepare to plant: Cover the bottom of the container with 5cm of moistened potting soil or mix.

Flatten and level it with your hand or a small piece of cardboard, taking care not to over-compress the soil.

Scatter seeds evenly on top of the soil.

Press gently into the soil using your hand or the cardboard.

Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil.

Dampen the surface with a mister.

If you prefer, you can skip this step and instead cover the container with a clear lid or plastic wrap until the seeds are sprouted.

From seedling

Micro green seeds are sown directly.

In a pot

Use any sized container to grow your microgreens.

Fill the container with compost.

Sow seeds 5mm deep, 1cm apart.

Place on a windowsill and keep them lightly watered.

Leaves should be ready to harvest after about a week, although they will take a few days longer in the winter than in summer.

Pick when still tiny by either snipping them off at the base or pulling them up, roots and all.

Ready to harvest

Most are ready to pick just a few days after germinating and have all the flavour of the fully grown plants, bringing a concentrated, flavoursome burst of taste to your favourite dishes.

Use scissors to chop at the base of the leaves you wish to harvest.

Collect seed

You usually chop microgreens when they are around 5-10cm call, and don't wait for them to go to seed.

However, the seeds for microgreens can be collected from

When to Grow


Zone 1 - Cool

January , February , March , April , May , June , July , August , September , October , November , December


Zone 2 - Temperate

January , February , March , April , May , June , July , August , September , October , November , December


Zone 3 - Subtropical

January , February , March , April , May , June , July , August , September , October , November , December

Companion Planting

Tips for Care

Brocoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Mustard, Chia, Sunflower, Buckwheat, Mesclun seeds can all be used as microgreens! They are simply tiny versions of these plants that we chop early to use in salads and as a garnish!
They can be grown in just about anything, from seed trays and old yoghurt pots to pieces of guttering, and should be ready to harvest just one or two weeks after sowing.
They are so tiny that they can be grown all year round, on a windowsill indoors
Ensure a constant micro-green supply by sowing successionally every week, so that new leaves should be ready to harvest just as the last batch is ending
Micro leaves are usually eaten fresh and raw, and the fresher the leaves are, the more vitamins and minerals they contain.

Each little leaf is a gold mine of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals such as iron, folic acid and potassium

Pests & Problems