How it works

PlantMe allows you to see what to plant now in your local area. You can buy, sell, swap or gift and become a part of a citizen powered green, growing revolution.

Heritage genetics and bio-diversity are more important than ever in our changing world and the PlantMe platform ensures that you know where your seeds and plants have come from. Add plant logs to keep track of your plant variety, lifecycle, progress and harvests and trade seeds on the platform to get access to NFT tokens rewarding you for putting the greenback. Find out more at

You can list your seeds or seedlings easily by setting up an account and choose whether you want cash money or are happy to provide koha. Select your shipping costs and you're ready to go.

We charge 5% commission on sales made through our platform (so if you're gifting then obviously it's free!). Stripe fees are charged at 3.5% + $0.05 for transaction totals under $15 or 2.9% + $0.30 for totals over $15. We are a for-purpose business so any profits from this platform will be re-invested into projects for climate action and to support under-represented female and indigenous leadership in tech.

Get in touch with us @ [email protected]

Let's get growing from the PlantMe crew!