Growathon Parsley Gigante Italian


Supplied by Kings Seeds of Support programme for Growathon.

This wonderful Parsley is from Northern Italy. Tall Gigante plants have very big, deep green shiny leaves with an exceptionally mellow and sweet fuller flavour than standard plain Parsley. A delicious ingredient to combine with lettuces for an excellent green salad, its rich taste and juicy texture are not tough and harsh in the mouth. Gigante's serrated flat leaves are a treat chopped on fresh Tomatoes, sliced Cucumbers, microwaved Zucchinis, or summer Squashes. The stalks may also be eaten like Celery. Its unique rich flavour makes other seasoning unnecessary. Gigante plants grow easily and vigorously into handsome plants with sprays of shiny dark green leaves one can cut and use liberally all season. Prefers cooler temperatures.

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