biochar for garden beds, 18L


Add biochar to your garden beds for beautiful, lush growth and juicy harvests with less effort. Add biochar into your compost and reduce turning, speed up maturation and produce lovely, fluffy, rich soil for next season's bounty.

Once you've reached the desired ratio of biochar in the soil, you're done. No reapplication required - your back will love you for it. Char Bro - it's There for Good.

Hand made with love in West Auckland from all natural materials, for you and your whanau <3


Covers at least 3.6 square metres of garden (when mixed in at 10% into the top 5cm of the soil). We are happy to also give advice on ways to make it go even further

For best results:

Handy "for best results" guide included with your bucket

This can come with a sturdy, 18 litre upcycled returnable bucket with lid. Bring back your returnable bucket for a discount off your next bucket of biochar. It's our way of saying "thank you" for supporting us to enable a zero-waste, circular economy.

Shipping is for courier within the NZ Post urban Auckland area.

Made with love

This biochar was made in West Auckland with love by myself and my inspiring 94 year old friend who is passionate about growing beautiful plants for people to enjoy and reversing climate change, and processed and packaged by us :)